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Wednesday 28 September

14:30 - 19:00

Mini-symposium “Vascular calcification: friend or foe?"

CMMer Ljubica Matic invites you to this external event which is part of a PhD/MSc course in Vascular Cell Biology

Thursday 29 September

12:00 - 13:00

CMM Seminar

Title: From Neanderthals to COVID-19: evolutionary sources of human immune response variation

Speaker: Lluis Quintana-Murci

Friday 14 October


Dissertation Marika Ström

Title: Systems biology approaches to investigate mechanisms of obstructive lung disease

Friday 21 October


Dissertation Andrew Buckler

Title: Linking Quantitative Radiology to Molecular Mechanism for Improved Vascular Disease Therapy Selection and Follow-up

Friday 11 November


Dissertation Bianca Esmée Suur

Title: The role of proprotein convertases in vascular disease

23 - 24 November

Cardiovascular research symposium
with focus on precision medicine

CMMer Anton Gisterå invites you to this external event organised by the Cardiovascular Program at Karolinska Institutet