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For CMM L8 building-related emergencies (eg. water leak, CO2) and low temperature freezer issues, please call the Caverion remote center:

010-480 88 08

Tuesday 26 September

14:00 - 15:00

Spatial Biology Instrument Seminar

Francisca Castillo and Eduardo Villablanca invite you to this external event.

Wednesday 27 September


Mini Symposium 

Atherosclerosis enlightened by single-cell and functional genomics approaches

Ljubica Matic and Melody Chemaly invite you to this external event.

Friday 29 September



Thomas Moridi

Title: Genetic, magnetic resonance imaging and body fluid biomarker associations with severity of multiple sclerosis

3 October

10:00 - 13:00

Junior Faculty & Equity Groups Seminar

Salary negotiation and how it's done.

Lina Diaz invites you to this external event.

16-17 November

2023 Cardiovascular Research Retreat

Anton Gisterå invites you to this external event.

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