Friday 26 November



Title: The red blood cell as a mediator of vascular injury in Type 2 Diabetes and COVID-19

Speaker: Ali Mahdi

Monday 29 November

Faculty Breakfast for CMM Group and Team Leaders

Information on the upcoming CMM Scientific Advisory Board

29-30 November

The CVP/CVR and Heart and Vascular Theme Joint Meeting 2021

The CMMers Anton Gisterå and Carolina Hagberg, are part of the organizing committee, and invite you to participate in this external event.

Thursday 2 December


CMM Seminar

Title: Immune Responses Targeting Therapeutic and Endogenous Antibodies: Characteristics and Clinical Implications

Speaker: Theo Rispens, Sanquin Research, Department of Immunopathology, Amsterdam

Friday 3 December



Title: Immunogenicity of Biological Therapies; Frequency, Predictability and Clinical Relevance in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Speaker: Nicky Dunn

Monday 6 December


Half-Time Seminar

Title: Inspiration and Inflammation in the Breathing Brainstem

Speaker: Jan Philipp Reising

Monday 6 December


Seminars on Translational Neuroimaging
(StratNeuro Lunch Seminar Series)

Speakers: Johan Lundström, CNS, Karolinska Institutet and Daniel Ferreira Padilla, NVS, Karolinska Institutet

The CMMer Vasco Souza invites you to participate in this external event.

Friday 9 December



Title: The role of smooth muscle cells in calcification of atherosclerotic plaques

Speaker: Till Seime

Thursday 20 January


CMM Seminar

Title: To be announced

Speaker: John D Isaacs, Professor of Rheumatology, Newcastle University, United Kingdom