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CMM Service Center

Inquiries and reports are sent to


Tel (IT): +46 8 712 72 22

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We at CMM service center will try to help you with your CMM managed services and CMM computer issues using our remote tools as much as possible. Please book a time at or use our drop-in 10:00 – 11:00 on workdays.

For L8 buildning-related emergencies

CMM L8 building emergency (ex. water leak, CO2) and low temperature freezer issues: 


Tel (Caverion remote center): 010-480 88 08

Documents for Your Work at CMM

Here you can find essential and useful documents for your work at CMM.

Every CMM member, regardless if you are a student or group leader, should be aware of the CMM statutes and what the responsibilities are that comes with your role. 

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Every senior scientist at CMM can propose the establishment of a core at CMM, as well as an upgrade of current cores. A core is an instrument or utility that is available to all groups at CMM whereas it is housed within one group. Read more about how to apply for CMM-supported funding in the following documents below: “Guidelines Cores 2017” and “Core facility application”.

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